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It's Not Just Art..

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I understand you may not know me and the amazing effects of my paintings, so I have a little bit of a background for you along with some of the created results.

I'm an artist and real estate agent that moved here from Portland, Oregon to get away from the rain and see what this beautiful City of Angels has to offer. Painting is where I've always felt the most free and it's a beautiful practice in general. I've been selling my work all over the country for almost two decades now.
Aside from people loving my creations, there have been many random and wondrous results which I eluded to in the previous email...
- sold homes that were stagnant within 24 hours of art placement
-stress relief
-healing after surgeries and many other ailments
-ridding spaces of negative energy
-creating warmth in places that previously felt cold
It's amazing the joy and harmony that happens with intentional art. Art speaks. It creates emotions. There is a magic about it and something for everyone.
However, if my work doesn't resonate with you or your company, but you think it might for someone else, it would mean a ton for you to share with them.
I have a process of addressing the space and doing a small interview to see what results and intentions are desired before painting the pieces.
As of last week, I also created a new rental program to make art more affordable.
Would love to set up a free consultation to address your needs!
Cheers to an amazingly powerful week!
Bethany Londyn
Los Angeles & Portland, OR

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