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Honestly, I don't think I've ever written about actually selling a piece of my artwork aka "heartwork".

Well, this time was different. Last week I sold one of my oldest pieces from 2005 at an art show in Downtown LA. I've had multiple offers for this one over the years, yet I've never been able to let it go, until last week. I could tell how connected to the piece the new owner, Stephanie, was to the piece and I knew it was time for the piece to move on.

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As soon as we took this pic together I got glassy-eyed and kept tearing up the rest of the night. I think I even got a glimpse of tears in Stephanie's eyes. It was absolutely beautiful. I know this might seem funny to some people but to me, it was like letting my baby go. This piece has helped me sell many vacant houses that needed some love to shift up the stale energy with Feng Shui, as well as bring so much love and warmth to my own homes. I told her new owner, Stephanie, that she had to let me know of the continued magic it brought her.

By the way, if you're interested in coming to a future art show, please get on the mailing list!

Have a beautiful holiday!

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