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How Are Your Walls?

Healing the Workspace>> Londyn's New Corporate Art Placement Program Announcement

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Do you love the feeling you have when you walk into work? Or is there an immediate feeling of stress?

How about your clients-Do they walk in feeling peace or joy? They say most purchases are made from a reaction to fear or joy. Personally, I'd rather have the long-term clients who feel taken care of and completely relaxed with me.

According to interior design and Feng Shui practices, you want to feel welcomed and comfortable when you enter a home or place of business. You want to feel like staying, as you enjoy it there, instead of wanting to get the heck out.

After being in 2 hospitals with my sister this past week, the energy of art couldn't be more apparent. One felt cozy with beautiful paintings all over the walls and the second hospital felt drab, dirty, and depressing with blank dark walls. How are people to heal in that awful energy?

I was enticed by this past experience to bring about a new program to make art more accessible. One to enable businesses of all kinds to bring in the transformative energy of art to their space- direct from the artist instead of under gallery or represented pricing.


There are three pricing options:
1- Renting the art (flexibility to change after period of time or selling the work)
2- Renting to own
3- Purchase ownership


And the best part of having the new art experience in your space is that you have a reason to connect with your clients: Send an announcement, maybe even throw an open house party! I'll be sure to come!


Marketing for new business while keeping current clients happy is the intent after all right? A reason to have an event satisfies this with ease!


Call to set up a consultation today!


Looking forward to bringing your space some new joy!

🎨 🌈

Bethany Londyn

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